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At RA Financial Planning we are striving to provide our clients with a high quality of on-going service. We have therefore provided 2 valuation systems. For clients who have investments on the Seven Investment Management Platform (7IM) they have the option of either accessing their valuations via the 7IM site (this will only show valuations of policies held on this platform).

For clients who have policies on other platforms, please log-in to the RA Financial Planning Website. This will show all of your portfolio. Clients who have policies on the 7IM platform will also be able to receive valuations from this portal as well. This is perhaps more important when assets are held on both this platform and others and so will provide a consolidated valuation statement.

If you have any issues in accessing your valuations, or require your username or password please do not hesitate to contact your adviser. If they are not available Alexis will be more than happy to assist you.